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655Regina Sightings Friday,Feb 01,2002

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  • tsb2001
    Feb 1, 2002
      Today,I saw the female Red-bellied Woodpecker near the intersection of 20
      Avenue East and Macdonald Street. It was very vocal and feeding upon
      peanuts. Also in the same general area including Tom Riffel's yard and
      Douglas Park were : 10+ House Finches, 6 Pine Siskins,20+ House Sparrows and
      4+ Common Redpolls. 5-Dark-eyed Junco's plus my first sighting this year of
      an AMERICAN GOLDFINCH. I was surprised to see this bird because none have
      been reported or seen within this area since October !! Check out this
      species distinctive winter plumage !

      I didn't see the Varied Thrush today in Old Lakeview ( the alley off
      Retallack between 19th & Leopold Crescent.) Instead,I saw an American Robin
      and a Yellow-shafted Flicker. This is the first time that I have seen robins
      within this area for several weeks !?Also there were 3 BB Magpies.5
      Dark-eyed Junco's and 2+ RB Nuthatches.

      I saw the Red Squirrel in Douglas Park. This is a very unusual species
      within the city. It is often relatively easy to see the abundant Fox
      Squirrels plus the rare Gray Squirrels now within the city.

      Fox and Gray Squirrels are both regular visitors to the back yard feeders
      in the previously described alley off Retallack in the Old Lakeview or
      Crescents area.

      Have a great weekend !

      Take care