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6497Sick vole

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  • Scott Wilson
    Mar 1, 2005
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      A bird will be mentioned!

      On Sunday we came upon small animal tracks on the snow looping in many, many
      circles beside a shelterbelt. The loops got smaller and smaller, and in the
      middle was a dead vole.

      There didn¹t seem to be any other predator tracks and the body was
      apparently undamaged.

      Some parasites alter their hosts¹ behaviour in order to get the host eaten
      and the parasite passed on to another host: this happens in snails which are
      eaten by birds (the parasite causes the snail to seek light, climbing up a
      stalk), and mantids which get eaten by fish (the parasite causes the mantis
      to enter water).

      So I¹m wondering if the vole was forced up on top of the snow and to make
      lots of tracks, running around exposed for at least an hour I¹d guess, so
      that it might be picked up by a coyote or bird.

      Sunday we also saw a Snowy Owl and many Horned Larks near Kronau.


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