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5926Swainson's Thrush - Saskatoon

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  • Mary Ann
    Dec 1, 2004
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      This may be of some interest to anyone keeping records in Saskatoon...

      A Saskatoon resident noted this sighting yesterday (Nov 30) in his

      "Had a very unusual sighting today ....I always pour warm water in
      the birdbath about lunchtime ( if I'm home) anyway, to my surprise ,
      I was looking out the kitchen window and there , splashing away like
      crazy in the by now, freezing cold water, was a Swainsons Thrush !! I
      thought they would have been long gone by now ? It came out of the
      bath, shook itself off, then jumped right back in again ! Crazy
      little thing :-) Also, it's worth noting , that House Sparrows act
      really strange when anything other than themselves are using the
      birdbaths in my yard..they seem to get very excited and have to fly
      over and have a look at whats going on , and often pester whoever is
      splashing away. The Thrush was having none of it however and scared
      off a couple of would-be attackers :-)

      Also got a glimpse of the little Downy Woodpecker eating the suet
      cake as usual. :-)"

      Happy birding,

      - Mary Ann, Swift Current
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