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5196Re: [Saskbirds] Re: Goose Round Up

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  • Bob Ewart
    Jul 13, 2004
      Hi Bob

      Actually Wascana presently have such a machine and it is used on a regular basis on the areas where the geese feed and leave behind their waste.

      Bob Ewart

      >Apparently in Paris they have vacuum/pickup machines to assist with the widespread "dog waste" issue there.

      Why does not Wascana Centre purchase such machines and utilise the goose poop as a fertilizer product for their lawns and trees? Surely, there are also additional markets for such an organic 'product' ? Has this been explored?

      Wascana Centre already has several machines which it uses to pick up grass clippings and leaves in the fall. Perhaps these could be modified or employed?

      Good Birding
      Bob L

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