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  • Jared Clarke
    Jul 1, 2004
      Hi Mick,
      Sorry about the delay in responding but I haven't had time to get on the computer very much at all this week. Some interesting questions, and my apologizes on my assumption that most people were familiar with what has been going on in Regina lately. Please keep in mind I am speaking individually and not on behalf of Wascana Center Authority.
      Before I answer your questions I should really paint a picture of what things have been like in Regina recently . Since Wascana Lake has been deepened and a complete paved path around the lake has been put in, many more people are using the park for walking, running, biking, etc. Now for those of you who get the Leader Post you'll already know about this but for those of you who don't, Bob Hughes senior editor of the paper, has his own opinion section on the 2nd page of the paper. Hughes has (in my opinion and many others) taken it on as his personal obligation on behalf of all Regina, to try turn everyone against the geese, because of the abundance of droppings in the park! It got to the point where almost every second day he was slamming the geese in his article, he became obsessed with it. Now I don't have a problem with voicing your opinion, but atleast have some sort of realistic resolution to solve this "problem" that seems to be on everyones mind. Enough said...
      Evidently he turned a lot of people against the geese.
      But anyways, sorry about the little rant, back to your questions. How long does the park stay goose free? Well we moved the magority of the geese however there are still quite a few around, mostly adult birds. Once fall migration begins numbers will increase a great deal in the park. And in the spring next year more birds will return to the park to nest. Wascana Park is like paradise for the geese, no natural predators, people feed them daily, and lots of habitat to nest in!
      How much does it cost?
      Cost is relatively low, mostly Bob Ewart, Julia, and myself rounded up geese, along with a few other Wascana Center Authority emlpoyees, plus a coordinator who is a volunteer. All our expenses are is gas, to and from, food, and a hotel bill.
      Do we band the birds?
      No, it's simply to move the birds out of the area.
      Why Cumberland Lake?
      I should have made myself clearer in my last post. The lake is huge! There is so much room for the birds, so much habitat for them to choose. We released the birds at the boat launch, I think naturally there are never many birds around the boat launch at any lake. I think the lake is choosen because it is so isolated, the birds can become less dependent on humans and live a more natural life. Once the birds get out of the crates they start calling to each other, and they seem fine.
      Goose round up has been going on for years, to try and keep the population from getting to high. But in all reality it is just a temporary solution. The birds return. But aslong as people continue to complain about them, it will probably continue to happen. I would much rather ship birds up north for a few months, then do what others have suggested - take them all out to a field on the first day of hunting season and invite all the hunters from Regina!! So what we do shuts people up for a little while anyways, and saves the geese.
      I don't understand how people come to the park wanting to enjoy nature, but don't want deal with the geese cause they crap on the lawn. It frustrates me how people want "nature lite", a nice manicured nature where they won't get dirty! My response - Don't come to the park then!
      So I hope I have answered your questions Mick, if you've got any more please ask.

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