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51Great Grey Day

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  • Harv Lane
    Jan 2, 2001
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      Hi folks,

      Welcome to the new Millenium or at least to 2001. 2001 ... doesn't that
      sound like a great name for a book or a movie about space travel or
      perhaps birding???

      Saskbirds is now up to 27 members and I'm hoping that we'll continue to
      get coverage from all parts of the province. A nice way to start would
      be to tell us about the birds you saw yesterday. What did you see and
      what was your best bird? I drove home from Steinbach, Manitoba,
      yesterday and was limited in the number of species I saw. Magpies were
      everywhere, as were Ravens. Rock Doves and House Sparrows made a few
      appearances but the bird of the day for me was a beautiful pure white
      Snowy Owl sitting on top of a telephone pole in late afternoon
      sunlight. It may have been made better by the fact that I had only
      about 50 km left in my 900 km trip home! My first bird of the day was
      the ubiquitous Black-billed Magpie ... not great but certainly better
      than Rock Dove or House Sparrow!!!

      Last week I did some birding in Manitoba and a trip to the southeast
      corner with Dennis Fast saw us list 12 Great Greys and 2 Northern
      Hawk-Owls. Dennis photgraphed and video-taped 2 of the Great Greys
      hunting and plunging into the snow beside us on the road. The second
      one was sitting on a 2 meter willow shrub about 10 meters from the
      road. It came closer to do its plunge into the snow and the video was
      spectacular. The video camera was a nice gift (from Dennis to his
      wife) and perhaps I should think of getting something like that for
      Barb next year!!!

      Have a Happy New Year and I wish everybody lots of lifers and a happy
      healthy 2001!