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4587Meewasin Trail, Saskatoon

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  • Gordon A. Taylor
    May 1, 2004
      This morning I walked the Meewasin Trail from the Mendel Gallery,across theC.P.R. Bridge, to and across the University Bridge and back to the Mendel Gallery.Birds seen were: Crows(6); Magpies(4); House Sparrow(many); Song Sparrow(3); Eastern Phoebe(1); Common Grackles(8); Red-winged Blackbirds(10); Robins(12); Yellow-rumped Warbler(2); Ring-billed Gulls(20); Mallards(4); Canada Geese(many); Merlin(1).

      For the past two days we have had three male and two female Purple Finches at our feeders. What beautiful birds when they are in full breeding plumage! We are still waiting for our first White-throared or White-crowned Sparrows.

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