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26891Common Nighthawk & Sandhill Cranes

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  • gturwin
    Aug 20, 2014

      Well perhaps they used to be common, but apparently not so much these days.  I just found and photographed a nice little Common Nighthawk resting on the corner of the neighbours roof.  It blended in quite nicely with their charcoal (black really) stucco and black roof.  Nice little treat and a new yard bird for me. 

      At that same time we also had two flocks of Sandhill Cranes noisily flying over the neighbourhood, and regrouping with an ominous looking sky just to the west as a thunderstorm is forming.  I counted 53 Sandhills in the larger flock and probably about 17 in the first smaller flock, so about 70 birds at that particular moment flying over Warman.  About 2:15 pm on Wednesday, August 20th, 2014.

      Geoff Urwin

      Warman, SK

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