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26674Estevan Area Yesterday

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  • kathy_hedegard
    Jun 1 2:43 PM
      Hi Birders:

      Wow, great birding in Regina.  With some luck that Prothonotary Warbler will stay around the Quinn Dr & Ottawa St. location through tomorrow - I will give it a try. 

      Yesterday, I went for a long drive around the region west of Estevan to the Mantei Marsh south of Outram, over to Torquay, on to Bromhead, north to Goodwater, home via the Mainprize Park road to Torquay, stopping into Rafferty Dam for a quick look.

      Birds of interest:
      White-faced Ibis, only one at the Mantei Marsh, but I got some good photos in the early morning sun.
      Common Yellowthroat
      Bobolinks, in every hay field and pasture
      Cedar Waxwings, small flocks of 20-25 birds in several locations including my city neighbourhood
      American Bitterns, 2
      Common Nighthawks, 20 at the community pasture corrals near Mainprize Park; I heard at least 1 last night from my yard
      Ferruginous Hawk on nest, near Goodwater.  I went looking for Burrowing Owls - didn't find any of those, but did find the FEHA, first nest of the year.  There are none in the usual spots around Estevan.  There are also very few gophers.
      Western Grebes, 46 at Rafferty, 45 of which were in a tight group quite a distance from the dam.

      Neighbour Barry Dies sent a couple photos of a Lazuli Bunting that visited their feeder yesterday afternoon. 

      At the moment, an Alder Flycatcher is giving out an occasional call from somewhere in my neighbours' yards; a Warbling Vireo was singing a short while ago.  Both are FOYs for me.

      May I also remind Saskbirds posters to add their names and locations to the bottom of the messages.  We have a wide readership; not everyone knows who we are by just the Yahoo Group name we use.

      Kathy H in Estevan

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