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26152Owl Day

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  • kmscouts
    Feb 8, 2014
      I reported hearing GH owls calling at night from my apartment in Regina.  Heard two calling this morning around 7 am.  One would call, deeper, longer and there was often but not always a higher, more distant reply.  I now think both are in Wascana but likely on the north side of the lake/creek.  Went to look for them when it was light but to no avail.  Calling at 7 am is a decent time to get up and try and follow the calls.  Go to Black Hall, U of S to hear the calls.

      Headed out to Cinema 6 grid road then over to Estlin.  Saw one female/immature snowy owl on the way.  Then detoured to the homestead where I often see Great Horned Owls and the pair usually there did not disappoint.  Then another Snowy, beautiful male, between Estlin and Grey then on the way back two more males between Estlin and the main highway.  So 8 owls today.  That's more than any other species I saw today, which weren't many, although Ravens might have been close in number.

      Kevin in Regina
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