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26150Birding in Wascana Park

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  • bobluterbach
    Feb 8, 2014
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      A great aspect of birding is that you may adapt or adjust your activity or interest depending upon your circumstance or situation- looking out your window, walking in the park or driving through the countryside. Whatever works is fine.

      This afternoon, I saw 7 Black-capped Chickadees at several locations during my leisurely circuit of Wascana Lake. All ,except for one group of three chickadees, were in pairs. A bonus was seeing an individual fly to and enter a potential nesting cavity. After several seconds, it flew out and resumed exploring the area with its mate.

      None of the birds observed today sang their distinctive ' spring's here”. When facing against the brisk northern zephyr, I had to agree, it isn't.

      Five very vocal Ravens flew high overhead from the south as I was near Pine Island. Two split off and flew over to the Legislature while the others continued north towards the downtown area.

      Later, I saw one Raven surfing in the wind around the Dome of the Leg near the nest of last year. There is now construction on the roof very near the previous site;therefore, these will probably we going elsewhere. Ravens have been nesting at least at least at two ? City locations for several years. Another reported location is near Pilot Butte.

      Today, I expected to hear House Finches although this harsh winter may have taken a toll on these early songsters. I have not seen many this winter.

      A few House Sparrows were sunning themselves in low hedges near the statue of Queen Elizabeth riding on a horse located at the head of the floral garden area. Perhaps they were imagining a few 'droppings' behind the sculpted iron horse..... or not. :-)

      Great to see the sunny day.

      Enjoy your birding

      Bob L Regina