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26136Snowy Owl Tour South of Regina

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  • auntielyk
    Jan 29, 2014

      Today Fran and I decided to make our Snowy Owl tour inspite of the windy forecast--turned out to be a fine day for birding!  We saw TEN Snowy Owls so were pleased as they seem to be few and far between this year.


      Armour Rd McCarthy to Pinkie Rd and return: ZERO

      Pinkie Rd Armour to Hwy 1 and return: 5 Common Ravens 1 Feral Pigeon 2 Coyotes

      Pinkie and Hwy 1 to Hwy 6 and Cinema 6 grid and return: 2 Common Ravens

      Cinema 6 grid Hwy 6 to Fleet St: 3 Common Ravens

      Fleet St. south to #306: 4 Common Ravens 2 Snowy Owls 1 Coyote 2 Red Foxes

      #306 to Buck Lake Rd: Black-billed Magpie 4 Feral Pigeons 4 Common Ravens 1    Snowy Owl

      Buck Lake Rd (north of lake) halfway and return to #306: 1 Snowy Owl

      #306 SE to Gray then S and W to Milestone Range Rd: 4 Feral Pigeons 8 Snow Buntings 2 Snowy Owls 20 House Sparrows

      Milestone Range Rd to Milestone: 25 Feral Pigeons 1 Snowy Owl 5 House Sparrows

      Milestone: 30 Feral Pigeons 20 House Sparrows 3 European Starlings 1 Fox Squirrel

      TWP Rd 122 west then north to Hwy 334 at south curve: 17 Sharp-tailed Grouse 1 Snowy Owl

      Hwy 334 north and east to Hwy 6: 50 House Sparrows 2 Snowy Owls 2 Coyotes

      #6 North of Corinne to Cinema 6 grid: Feral Pigeon 18 Common Ravens (16 in one area about 4 miles north of Corinne).

      It's quiet out there but still some good birding to be had!  Enjoy!

      Laurie in Lakeridge, Regina