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26131Shrike and great horned owl - Regina

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  • Wendy Woodard
    Jan 27 10:14 AM
      Hi everyone,

      At approximately 11:45 this morning, I saw a Northern Shrike in a bluff of trees at the Regina airport. The trees are located just east of the cell parking lot. The shrike appeared to be hunting and then quickly took off and that's when I noticed a great horned owl in the same tree!

      Our yard has almost no bird activity this winter. I am happy to get the sparrows. Occasionally 3 or 4 blue jays and a Downey woodpecker show up. I haven't seen the partridges for almost a month.

      Thank you to everyone for posting your observations and commentary.

      Wendy in Regina
      (Although soon to be living in the Rm of edenwold)