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  • b_quiring
    Sep 1, 2013
      The group also locks out non-members from seeing content.  What ever happen this seems like quite the step backward.     Brett Regina --- In saskbirds@yahoogroups.com, <wilsonb@...> wrote: From the FAQ link I posted earlier

      Regarding "Reply to" Options:

      Apparently, no matter the group default setting, "Reply" to a post
      works in this way: Hitting the <reply> button in "Messages" mode
      generates automatically a reply to sender, even if sender is oneself.
      <Reply> in "Topics" mode creates a reply to Group. In both cases it
      is alterable by clicking on the small box upper right above the msg
      compose pane. "Show more" comes up on mouseover. Click that and we
      get the "To:" field and other stuff above, then in the "To:" field,
      the drop-down menu comes with the little down-arrow offering all
      three "To" options, ie to Group, Sender and Owner.

      At 03:14 9/1/2013, you wrote:
      >So, when I tried to reply the site makes it appear that I am only
      >replying to one person, not the group. So in order to insure the
      >post is for the group I have to post a new message. I am tech savy,
      >but this change makes no sense whatsoever and takes way to much time
      >to figure out. Whos brainchild this was....I hope they do not
      >receive a pay bonus for this mess.
      >Greg in Regina

      Bruce Wilson
      Barrie, Ontario
      Life Member NMRA Member Gauge 0 Guild
      Member Scale 7 Group Member 7mm NGA
      Member Bird Studies Canada Member Ontario Bird Banding Association

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