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25491Yellow-throated Vireo and Eastern Wood-Pewee in Broadview area

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  • donaldweidl
    Jul 6, 2013
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      Hi folks, some nice birds turning up around the province. I thought I'd share a few sitings from the Broadview area over the last month and a half.

      On May 26, I heard and saw a Yellow-throated Vireo southeast of Broadview, near Ekapo Lake. I have recorded this species in this area over the past five years and other folks have seen them in Moose Mountain Provincial Park. On June 24, I heard and saw a Yellow-throated Vireo near the south side of the Qu'Appelle Valley, southwest of Tantallon and on June 27, heard a third YTVI in the Pipestone Valley, south of Wapella. This is definitely the highest number I have seen in SE Sask.

      On June 4, I heard and saw an Eastern Wood-Pewee near Ekapo Lake, SE of Broadview. I am very cautious about the identification of this species as we get both Eastern and Western Wood-Pewees in this area; however, the call this time was a typical Eastern Wood-Pewee. On June 16 the Eastern Wood-Pewee was heard again at the above location and another bird was heard on June 27 in the Pipestone Valley, south of Wapella.

      Great Crested Flycatcher numbers seem to be more common in this area this year and today, I even heard one calling within Broadview town limits. On the other hand, Black-billed Cuckoos don't seem to be as abundant this year, with only one heard and seen south of Wapella so far.

      Have a great summer birding.

      Don in Broadview