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25490a Dickcissel Day!

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  • lilliankaye@rocketmail.com
    Jul 5, 2013
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      Nice list, Kathy!

      A Dickcissel Day! Thanks Bob, Alan, Kim and the network of saskbirds!

      Started the day 5:30 with my sister and I wandering the path outside the nature habitat at Wascana, and found an unknown orange bird (?!), Eastern/Western Kingbirds, Brown-headed Cowbird, Cedar Waxwings, to name a few. An American Goldfinch was just a snarfin' down the thistles at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EL9Th1L6OJk

      Headed S of Regina past a count of about 55 hawks, most Red-tailed. Two on one pole, and one on a wire. One on a hay bale on the way back, I understand a whole family was there later too.

      Then off we went towards the rain in search of the male Dickcissel. We braved nearby lightning to dash out of our vehicles to snap photos like mad and marvel at such a striking bird with such a LOUD call!.
      So while the photos were in under a dark sky, videos were taken of that twitchy bird with quite the call:

      Birds on the fences right nearby included a Western Meadowlark, 2 Cowbirds, a female Red-winged Blackbird, and a Bobolink.

      On the way back, Laurie's car spotted the Wilson's Snipe, so we joined in the view/picture taking.

      Stopping at the Cinema 6 Slough: we spotted Avocets, Killdeer, 2 Pelicans, a few Canada Geese and goslings, and a Mallard duck pair, as well as blackbirds.

      Monica Slough had very few birds.

      Then off to near Kronau to see the (ex) Oyama Park area - where we spotted goldfinches, Killdeer incl young, Cowbirds, and Eastern/Western Kingbirds.

      As we rounded the dam and passed the inlet: on a mound was a strange sight: a Snow Goose and a juvenile Cormorant.

      We travelled a chicken trail NE of that area, finding another Bobolink, Cedar Waxwings, a Clay-coloured Sparrow, a Swainson's hawk circling, and listened to a Sprague's Pipit.

      Beaut of a day.

      Fran K / Mary W from Regina.