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25487Sedge Wren

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  • lilliankaye@rocketmail.com
    Jul 4, 2013
      What goes around comes around? On June 23rd, I had posted a list of birds I'd seen in the Last Mountain Lake / Rowan's Ravine /Strasbourg area.

      One photo/video I had was for a bird I wasn't sure I'd heard before, so I'd listed it as: "poss Marsh Wren checking it out"

      So now, as I'm heading out birding, I checked out the sounds for the birds I'm hoping to see tomorrow, and I'd been advised by Kim: "make sure you check out the call for the Sedge Wren too".

      Well - ch'ching! As soon as I heard that call: THAT's what that bird was May 30th W of Strasbourg at the marsh by the Lake: a Sedge Wren - and a lifer for me!

      So I've posted that video too - my poor camera had fun that windy day trying to focus on this little wren just a singin' away!


      Fran K from Regina.
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