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24008Sunday Birding

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  • tsb2001@sasktel.net
    Nov 4, 2012
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      During the afternoon, I checked Condie Reservoir and several locations at Last Mountain Lake near Regina Beach and east. The extremely icy roads created by the rain of last night did not permit me to travel to this location until near noon. I did not search west of Regina Beach. today. Yesterday, I walked from Regina Beach to Trestle Bay. The heavily rutted 'road 'to Trestle Bay is impassable when wet. It was foggy most of the day and windy at times. Viewing conditions were difficult.

      I also briefly searched the Craven area checking the traditional Golden Eagle roost location. This species seems to be a winter regular here in this area either in the Qu'Appelle Valley proper or in the nearby Flying Creek Valley. The often favoured late fall or winter roosting location is on a large
      "H" shaped power structure at the top of the North Valley Slope where north/south high voltage line crosses # 99. It was not present today though and has not been reported yet this Fall to my knowledge. If present it is best seen early on clear days perhaps taking some sun. Unfortunately, the weather conditions of today were not ideal. :-(

      Here are some sightings noted during my travels.

      25+ American Tree Sparrows in a single flock foraging at roadside along # 99 on the eastern outskirts of Craven. These were the only birds of this species seen today.

      1 Greater Yellowlegs continues at Condie Reservoir. It seems healthy both flying well and regularly calling.

      2 Wilson's Snipe flushed from south side of Condie R. (Fran Kerbs mentioned seeing some unidentified shorebirds at this location last Sunday.)

      1 American White Pelican continues at Condie R. It was flying well circling the open water on one occasion.

      2 Rusty Blackbirds were observed at Condie R. patrolling the edge of the water near the pumphouse with another all dark bird which may be the Common Grackle seen yesterday. I did not get good enough views to confirm.

      The Starling flock continues along with today 1 American Robin. These birds are foraging on the well provisioned abundant Russian Olive Trees.

      The male White-winged Scoter continued all afternoon at Buena Vista either at the 4th Street Boat Launch or just further east immediately offshore at Buena Vista Beach. It was with a female or juvenile bird. Both were very successful obtaining crayfish during the interval they were observed.

      The juvenile/female Surf Scoter was at the same location as yesterday also obtaining crayfish very near the shore in the first bay east of the Regina Beach Boat Launch.

      I counted 26 Red-breasted Mergansers today in a single flock east of Regina Beach.

      11 Common Mergansers were offshore at Lumsden Beach.

      120+ Hooded Mergansers were foraging both in the bays east from Buena Vista and at Lumsden Beach. The largest numbers were at Lumsden Beach along or near the edge of the advancing ice. Yesterday, the 'ice' edge was at Buena Vista. However, it was mostly packed snow slush. Today, the edge was pushed back to just east of Lumsden Beach by the wave action created by the moderate north-western winds.

      No loons and fewer grebes seen today.

      Enjoy your birding
      Bob L

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