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23421Sunday Birding

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  • Kathy H
    Jul 22, 2012
      Hi Birders:

      This morning I went driving around the area between Estevan – Benson – Lampman. That’s NE of Estevan, not too far east off Hwy #47. We had storms around this area last night. Tornado Hunter, Greg Johnson and his crew were in the region. Fortunately, no tornadoes and no hail.

      There is still so much water around here from all the flooding last year. Some roads are still closed. Great for marsh birding though. I had collected 40 species before getting 25 kms from town. There’s so much going on with shore birds gathering, water fowl ushering their broods around, everything else busy feeding their young or hovering nearby as the young ones learn to find their own food. Very interesting time of the year.

      I had a 60+ species day overall with the best finds of the day being:

      10-11 Cattle Egrets, yes with a small herd of cattle.
      2 adult Black-crowned Night-Herons
      75+ Long-billed Dowitchers
      Least, Semipalmated, Stilt, Pectoral and Upland Sandpipers
      Lesser & Greater Yellowlegs – there are hundreds (and hundreds) of Lessers
      3 Snow Geese, 2 were dark phase adults; 1 looked like a light phase juvenile. It was closely following a dark adult, looked smaller (was a Snow Goose, not a Ross’s)
      Turkey Vulture
      Brown Thrasher, carrying some insects in its bill
      Baird’s Sparrows
      And more Dickcissels.

      Also a White-tailed Deer doe & fawn

      Kathy in Estevan

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