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23233American Bitterns and Purple Martins

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  • Val T
    Jun 1, 2012
      The American Bitterns remain along the marshy road in the Yellow Grass area. Yesterday we saw at least six. One was still in full display mode and gulping a lot. Three flew by the car on different occasions and one landed on the road to take a look at us then landed closeby in the ditch. They seem to be okay with us watching and one walked along in the ditch close to the car while foraging. It was great watching it catch somethine and gulp it down. They have a wonderful fluffy white-feather display on their backs when in the mating season. We heard many Soras calling throughout the area. Only one has been seen though. We only had one Purple Martin house open in the yard due to Doyle being incapacitated lately. Today a friend insisted on coming out and opening up holes in another house....climbing a ladder to do so. Doyle and ladders don't get along lately (nine fractures in his right arm last week, one just below the shoulder and eight in the wrist which required surgery and a plate after falling from one) so he's under instructions to avoid them by me. :-). Anyway we feel this is perfect timing to open up a second house as the next batch of Purple Martins arrive around this time. The first house is almost full.

      A pair of Western Kingbirds have now taken an interest in our yard and sit on a dead tree branch outside the front window daily.

      Val T - McTaggart