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23090Highway #99

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  • Val T
    May 11, 2012
      It started raining as we approached Regina and was a constant drizzle by the time we hit Craven. I thought, oh well, birds are out in the rain as well. So we journeyed along in the drizzle and it started brightening up and the rain quit. We still didn't get a Mountain Bluebird. But we did see a Northern Harrier, four Western Meadowlarks, a grouping of Long-billed Dowitchers, Tree Swallows, some Cedar Waxwings, an Osprey on a post near the top of one of the hills, a Swainson's Hawk, lots of your usual waterfowl but best of all seven Turkey Vultures on a hill not too far from #6 highway as we neared the end of our drive. They didn't seem to mind us watching them walk around. A little further on two more were sitting in a tree on the north side of the road fairly close to Highway #6. We couldn't detect any banding signs.

      Val and Doyle T - McTaggart
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