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22848Sunday Birding

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  • tsb2001@sasktel.net
    Apr 16, 2012
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      Sunday morning Jim Cummings and I checked # 99, Valeport, Lumsden Beach, Regina Beach and returned via Condie Reservoir.

      Some of the species observed included:

      1 Osprey flying along river channel past Craven.

      1 Swainson's Hawk at Regina Beach.

      5 Red-tailed Hawks

      4 American Kestrel along # 99.

      4 Greater Yellowlegs at # 99 and #6

      150+- Tundra Swans at Valeport

      1 Western Grebe at Valeport.

      10+ Horned Grebes at Little Arm

      17 courting Red-breasted Mergansers at Little Arm/Trestle Bay

      1 Common Merganser at Trestle Bay.

      700+- Scaup species including at least 8 Greater Scaup.

      !00's of Canvasbacks, fewer Redheads,

      1 Ruddy Duck at Valeport.

      30+ Green-winged Teals along # 99.

      1 male Eastern Bluebird near Lumsden. Great looks at bird sitting in tree near roadside. No Mountain Bluebirds observed all day !

      Plus of course many other species.

      Enjoy your birding
      Bob L

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