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    Apr 1 10:28 AM
      Yesterday afternoon, Larry and I decided to spend the last day of March
      out and about a bit in the country... We headed east on Hwy #1 to the
      Merivale Nursery road, then headed south and were soon taking lesser
      roads east again for a few miles before going south again, and finally
      getting onto the Airport Road and heading back into Swift Current. Our
      jaunt ended up being just under 2 hours... not a bad way to spend an

      We didn't see anything on Hwy 1... but as soon as we turned off onto the
      first grid, the birds were showing themselves, especially Magpies;)

      On the roads we travelled east of Swift Current, we saw:

      150-200 Greater White-fronted Geese (at one location, with approx 75-100
      Northern Pintails)
      300 approx Canada Geese (at one location - across the road from the
      Greater White-fronted Geese, then a few pair here and there)
      2 Gadwall (a male/female pair)
      Northern Pintails
      2 Canvasbacks
      1 Northern Harrier flying over a slough
      3 Red-tailed Hawks
      Killdeer (heard only - where all the geese were)
      2 unidentified Gulls
      1 Rock Pigeon
      12 Black-billed Magpies
      3 American Crows
      a number of Horned Larks
      2 Western Meadowlarks

      Richardson's Ground Squirrels

      We drove through the Research Station (SPARC) grounds.... very quiet
      there. All we saw were:

      2 Black-billed Magpies
      2 Red-breasted Nuthatches (and heard at least 1 or 2 more)
      2 Dark-eyed Juncos (and heard a few more)

      9 Mule Deer

      We stopped briefly at Burnett's Pond and saw:

      10 Canada Geese
      2 Mallards
      2 California Gulls
      1 Western Meadowlark (heard only)

      There were a few Geese and Ducks in the water covering the area to the
      south of the road between Burnett's Pond & Lac Pelletier Trail as well
      as a few Gulls flying around. There were also a couple Western
      Meadowlarks near the edge of the road.

      We then went a mile or so west of Lac Pelletier Trail to the next road
      that would take us north over the railroad tracks. As we drove along
      that short stretch (that also includes a slough on the edge of a
      farm/stables), we saw:

      Canada Geese
      3 American Wigeons
      2 Northern Shovelers
      4 Northern Pintails
      2 Green-winged Teals
      1 Killdeer (heard only)

      Before returning home, we made one last stop -- at the Hwy 1 and 32 fish
      pond hoping to see something of interest. Not much there -- just 8
      Canada Geese, and 7 Mallards.

      As we drove east along Battleford Trail toward home, there were 2 pairs
      of American Crows not far from our turnoff. Both pairs were actually
      looking quite lovey dovey!

      Last evening (after 8:00PM), Larry stepped outside for a minute and
      heard Gulls flying north over the neighbourhood in the darkness.

      You know Spring is here when you hear many American Robins in full
      chorus before 5:00AM ... still under the cloak of darkness. It truly is
      music to one's ears. Nothing nicer than enjoying that first cup of
      coffee in the still of the early morning darkness and listening to the
      Robin Serenades.

      Happy Birding everyone.....

      - Mary Ann and Larry, Swift Current, SK
      50° 17' 00" N - 107° 48' 00" W

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