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22719Re: [Saskbirds] Re: Tundra and Trumpeter Swans

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  • tsb2001@sasktel.net
    Apr 1, 2012
      Typically the Tundra Swans move to their nesting area in the north. Check out this link which illustrates their breeding range. http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/tundra_swan/lifehistory

      Curiously, we have some very unusual nesting records recently at Patience Lake (near Lanigan) and another series of older ones from Stony Lake near Meadow Lake.

      Trumpeter Swans are also probably still nesting in Saskatchewan along the Manitoba border after nesting for a few years at Greenwater Park and some other reports elsewhere both north and east of this location. They have also began breeding in Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, fairly recently.

      Some birds probably pass through south eastern areas of the Province during migration. Draw a line from the wintering area, LaCreek, South Dakota, to the Greenwater Provincial Park and other areas to the east and north and you will see where these fewer!? nesting birds probably migrate.

      Enjoy your birding
      Bob L

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      From: youngdi59
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      Subject: [Saskbirds] Re: Regina questions

      Thank you, Jim Nordquist, for your suggestion to visit the park next to the Science Centre while I was in Regina for a conference. Talk about a goose-a-palooza! What an amazing sight to see all those geese on the lake. I even managed to get a couple of new birds for my list - a blue morph Snow Goose and a Tundra Swan. Oh, and the conference was good, too. :)

      Do any of the swans stick around for the summer? Or is this just a stop on their way farther north?

      Thanks again. What a great group this is!

      Dianne Young

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