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    Feb 19, 2012
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      Going to and from work the past 2 1/2 months, there hasn't been much to
      report other than Snowy Owls. Most days they are the only wild life we

      On a good day, we see 5 -7 Snowy Owls between Swift Current and the
      Compressor Station, most being along Hwy 32. Some days, there are 3 in
      a 3-km stretch, with 2 often being less than 1 km. from the other (they
      can actually see each other because there aren't any hills there.)
      There are 1 sometimes 2 Snowy Owls along the Fosterton Road west of Hwy
      32, and 4 sometimes 5 along Hwy 32 from the Fosterton Road intersection
      to the merge lane of Hwy 32 and Hwy 1 (there is one Snowy Owl that is
      sitting anywhere from a light post at the turn off to go to Hwy 1 west
      off Hwy 32 to the (north of the Hwy 1) power poles within 1 km east of
      the merge lane.

      Every few days we see 1 or 2 Black-billed Magpies, and some days (not
      often), we see a flock of 50-100 Snow Buntings or an occasional Horned
      Lark. Also missing from our daily trips are Pronghorn and Deer. I
      guess there is so little snow cover that they don't have to hang around
      near the roads looking for food.

      At work, we have the ever-present 2 or 3 Black-billed Magpies and lots
      of House Sparrows.

      2012 January 29 Larry and I took a little drive in the country.... We
      went north of the City (past Green Hectares B&B) up to the Skyline
      road. We then proceeded west, crossing Hwy 4 and continued west along
      the Skyline Road to Hwy 32. From there, we went up to the Fosterton
      Road, west to the Compressor Station, then south to Hwy 332, back to Hwy
      32, then home. Our most abundant bird seen was the Snowy Owl. In our
      travels,we saw 7 Snowy Owls, 6 Black-billed Magpies, and a few House
      Sparrows near farmyards. That was it. No mammals at all.

      - Mary Ann and Larry, Swift Current, SK
      50° 17' 00" N - 107° 48' 00" W

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