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    Nov 27, 2011
      Going to and from work, we were seeing a few hawks up until the
      beginning of November... Rough-legged Hawks, Red-tailed Hawks, and an
      occasional 1 or 2 Northern Harriers. Now, we're lucky if we see 1 or 2
      Rough-legged Hawks in a week.

      We were seeing Snow Geese, Greater White-fronted Geese, and Canada Geese
      until the first week of November, and saw Sandhill Cranes right up to
      Hallowe'en (we saw a flock of 20 or so Sandhill Cranes on October 31,
      just east of the compressor station.)

      We see an occasional Common Raven or two... at least once or twice a week.

      The late afternoon of November 25, we saw our first Snowy Owl... a
      heavily barred owl sitting on a power pole a couple miles south of the
      Fosterton grid road intersection.

      We are starting to see larger herds of Pronghorn now.... a couple herds
      of 20-30, as well as three or four herds with less than 10 in each
      herd. There are a few White-tailed and Mule Deer... but only seeing 1 -
      4 at a time, and they're running when they see us coming. You can tell
      hunting season is in full force.

      We see the occasional Coyote and Red Fox as well... sometimes along Hwy
      32, sometimes along Fosterton Road.

      Today, Larry and I headed out around 2:30PM... we started off heading
      east on Hwy 363 ('Hodgeville Highway'), but soon turned south and headed
      down a grid to the Rhineland grid road. We continued along that one,
      then onto the Hwy east of Wymark that turns into Grid 721. We ended up
      at the Wind Turbines, then headed north again to Hwy 363, then east
      until we got to the Highfield Dam Road. We headed north up that grid to
      Highfield Dam, checked that out, then over to Hwy 1 and home. 130
      kilometres and over 2 hours of driving... we didn't see much. The drive
      tallied 8 Black-billed Magpies, 2 White-tailed Deer, and the 'bird of
      the day' -- a barred Snowy Owl sitting on a fence post near Grid 721
      east of Wymark. That was it. Even though it was very windy, and we
      didn't really expect to see too much, I thought we would see a little
      more than that. Oh well...

      We had a high of 14 or 15ºC today.... unreal for this time of the
      year!! We sure can't complain too much about the strong winds when you
      are getting warm temperatures like that.

      Happy birding everyone....

      - Mary Ann and Larry, Swift Current, SK
      50° 17' 00" N - 107° 48' 00" W

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