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  • zedbander
    Nov 18, 2011
      In some ways it has been a quiet fall here - few warblers earlier, and few juncos or native sparrows any time this fall.

      But there have been some welcome visitors.

      Bluejays usually make such brief visits here in the fall that every sighting is a treat. However, this year, so far, has been a little different. I was able to band two BLJAs on 28 October (hatch year males, as far as I could tell), and, as of today, they are still around. They are so energetic, arriving from and leaving in all directions, that I keep thinking that there may be more of them. But, so far it has always been just the two banded birds.

      Five Pine Grosbeaks showed up here in late October, and decided they liked green ash seeds- they were still here this morning. Very approachable -are they always so tame?

      Several times this month, including at noon today, there has been an American Goldfinch at the feeders- always just one, so it may be the same bird.

      Redpolls showed up just this week.

      Most days there is a Prairie Falcon somewhere along our road to the highway. I think it's the same bird - it behaves like a bird that has been caught before, but I've never been close enough to see a band.

      Most of this month, there has been an unusually tame Golden Eagle on the highline south of the yard. Usually they lift off and leave even if I stop a mile away to watch. This one let me get within a few hundred yards.

      More and more reports of Snowy Owls- two on Wednesday, three yesterday and four today, although I've seen just two this fall, including one today.

      More and more Ravens here every year. Stoffel thinks the increasing number of Ravens around Saskatoon is the reason Snowy Owls have been scarce there in recent years. I hope he is wrong.

      I caught a magpie today that I'd banded in October, 2009. Noticeable thinning of the aluminum band- I think because their scaly legs are so abrasive. Maybe that's why there have been no encounters of really old banded magpies. I've started using stainless steel bands even though they aren't as easy to apply correctly.

      Matador, Sk
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