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21486Matador Area Birds

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  • zedbander
    Oct 15, 2011
      Four Prairie Falcons between Kyle and Lacadena today. One of them finished a small bird meal in a stubble field and then flew up to a power pole, where the two of us watched a Golden Eagle flush thousands of geese half a mile to the north. The eagle circled the area for a while, but must not have seen any cripples. A second PRFA chased a flock of pigeons near Tyner, but also left without a meal. One Merlin near the correction line north of Kyle.

      Two Red-tailed Hawks in our yard this morning, but I didn't see any between Kyle and Lacadena, and just one Rough-legged Hawk on the circuit.

      I saw my first Northern Shrike on Thursday between the farm and Kyle, and then this morning a juvenile showed up at the farm. At fifty-nine grams, it's the lightest one I've handled, but it seemed healthy--well able to draw blood.

      Both Northern Saw-whet Owls and Long-eared Owls migrating through, but the migration has been slow with the good weather.

      I stopped to check a small bird dead on the Matador Road this afternoon. A Snow Bunting! A little further on , a live Snow Bunting, which was determined to pick at something just at the edge of the gravel. If I got too close, it moved a bit ahead but stayed on the edge of the road. Even after I passed by, I could see it return to the gravel's edge. I don't like its chances.


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