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21199Re: Matador Swainson's Hawks and Mourning Doves

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  • zedbander
    Aug 20, 2011
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      --- In Saskbirds@yahoogroups.com, "Val T" <val_doyle_thomas@...> wrote:
      > Hi Dan. That was really a good read and a good day for you. It's a wonder it could turn dark at all with all your high'lights'!!

      And, there was a full moon, too, Val - lots of light!!

      Today, Saturday, the four Swainson's Hawk chicks from the laneway nest are still alive. At noon, I watched one of them perched on a fencepost, eating the last of a Richardson's Ground Squirrel. The other three juveniles were perched on other poles and on the ground, within eyesight, keening away- I imagine hoping to be next in line for a meal. I wish I could have been there earlier to see the delivery of the gopher, to see whether the gopher was given to the loudest chick or whether there was a fight for it. The adults were high overhead and there were a couple of gophers above ground.

      Sadly, 4Z, one of the two chicks from the south nest in our yard, was dead on the road near its nest yesterday. The other chick flew off the road when I went by yesterday - vehicles still have their speed up at that point if they are heading west, so I don't have much hope for the second one if it keeps sitting on the road. The anodized aluminum colour bands cost me $7.50 apiece- I removed the 4Z band to reuse on another hawk.

      The Mourning Dove nest I was watching was abandoned after ten days, and now the eggs are gone, too. According to the Birds of North America, the MODO migration at this latitude starts as early as 1 September, with the immatures going first. I was hoping this nest would be successful and I could monitor the dispersal of the chicks. Jack, did your Mourning Doves near Balcarres hatch any young?

      There was one Short-eared Owl on the lentil field we did yesterday, and I saw a juvenile Loggerhead Shrike yesterday as well- the first one I've seen in several days.

      Matador, Sk
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