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21151Matador Area Birds

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  • zedbander
    Aug 10, 2011
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      I was able to visit forty-six active Swainson's Hawk nests this year. Just one nest had four live young (the average of all nests was slightly over two live chicks per nest). That nest was one of two active nests in our farmyard. By the behavior of the adults, I estimated that those young had hatched in the last week of June. Today, all four youngsters from that nest were sitting together on the railing of a bale enclosure about 100 m. from the nest. I've never seen this behavior before. In my experience the young tend to disperse somewhat, which is likely the prudent thing to do.

      Also, early this morning I saw two juvenile Merlins together on a fence line bordering our crop land. I don't remember seeing young Merlins together once they've left the natal area.

      And, yesterday I saw my first Cooper's Hawk juvenile of the summer taking a run at the pigeon flock.

      On Sunday I accidently flushed a Mourning Dove off a nest. This morning she was still sitting on eggs - those little ones will have to grow up in a hurry. But, then I also saw two tiny Killdeer yesterday that couldn't have been more than a couple of days old.

      Matador, Sk
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