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19710Sunday Birding

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  • Kathy Hedegard
    Nov 14, 2010
      It was a super day for Rough-legged Hawks. I saw 18 of them in 2 1/2 hours of driving what is basically our CBC route. The first three were all dark-morphs, the first was the same one I saw yesterday (same location). The other two darks were in the same general area; they were only a kilometer or so apart too.

      The last seven Roughies were spotted while driving a 1.5 km stretch of road east of Estevan.

      Bald Eagles at Boundary, 5 of which 2 were adults
      Ring-necked Pheasants, 23-24
      Sharp-tailed Grouse, 6
      Great Blue Heron, 1
      Common Loon, 1 juv
      Common Goldeneye, 5-6 - first of the Fall/Winter
      Northern Shovellers, 10+
      Lesser Scaups, 6
      Hooded Mergansers, 2
      Canada, Cackling and Snow Geese
      American Robins, 2
      Other species I've listed in the past few trips

      Muskrats, 4
      Mule Deer, 4

      All the same birds are here in the yard.

      Kathy in Estevan

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