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19563Tundra Swans

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  • Geoffrey
    Oct 13, 2010
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      Just heard a large flock of Tundra Swans fly over our house in Warman. Very cool. The sky is clear, the air cool, but not too cold, and I couldn't see one bird, but they must have been very close, because it was quite a cacophony of sound. - Heard flying south at 9:45 pm.

      Late Sunday afternoon I counted 30 Tundra Swans at Neuhorst Slough's along Twp. Rd. 400. Also saw an American Tree Sparrow, not my first of the year. Saw four at Diefenbaker Park a few days earlier in Saskatoon on Friday, October 8th, along with several Myrtle Warblers and dark eyed juncos. There was a 1st year Herring Gull along with rest near the Circle Drive extension project on the S. Saskatchewan River that same day. Notable on Sunday were four (4) Bald Eagles, 3 of whom were seen in the same field. North of Twp Rd. 400 just west of Neuhorst, and a fourth 4 year adult bird one grid road east of that. Also a rich russet Northern Harrier making the thousands of snow geese very nervous. 18 Greater White Fronted Geese, Northern Pintails, Northern Shovellers, Mallards, American Wigeon, Canvasbacks, Canada Geese (either Richardson's or Lesser - I really didn't look that close, but they were on the small side), a lone pie billed grebe and a flock of about 40 Brewer's Blackbirds. I also saw 2 Greater Yellowlegs in my quest for a closer look at the Bald Eagles just as the sun was setting.

      Geoff Urwin,
      Warman, SK
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