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    Mar 6, 2010
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      Has it really been January since I last shared our sightings? Hmmm...
      did we have a February? Time is flying by....

      Going to and from work this past week, we were seeing 50+ Gray
      Partridges (total of a few flocks), 20-30 Sharp-tailed Grouse (total of
      3 or 4 flocks), 1-3 Snowy Owls (on the 'best' February days we had as
      many as 5 Snowy Owls in the 25-minute drive back home after work), 2-4
      Black-billed Magpies, several Horned Larks, 75-150 Snow Buntings (a
      couple flocks of 75 each), 175+ Pronghorn (1 herd of 125+ and another
      herd of 50+), 4-20 Mule Deer, and a few Richardson's Ground Squirrels. I
      guess the little gophers think it is Spring. In February, we also
      often seen 1 or 2 White-tailed Jack Rabbits - usually when we were going
      to work (when it was still dark.)

      Out at work, we have been seeing a flock of 15+/- Gray Partridges, a
      flock of 12 Sharp-tailed Grouse, 2 Black-billed Magpies, & a multitude
      of House Sparrows (at least 75!), as well as 1 White-tailed Jack Rabbit
      & 1 Nuttall's Cottontail. The pair of BBMA have been starting to carry
      sticks the past couple weeks so I am assuming they are renovating a
      nest. We did have a few European Starlings around this winter, but I
      haven't seen them for a couple weeks now.

      The February long weekend, we were not around for the GBBC... we went to
      Calgary that weekend to celebrate our grandson's 1st birthday (we did
      participate in the GBBC, though... documenting and submitting the
      sightings along the way - both to and from Calgary and while in Calgary
      that weekend.) Friday (Feb 12), from Swift Current to the
      Saskatchewan/ Alberta border (approx 2 hours), we saw: 14 Rock Pigeons,
      1 Black-billed Magpie, 2 Common Ravens, 1 Coyote, 15 Mule Deer (total of
      2 different herds), & 36 Pronghorn (total of 3 different herds).
      Monday (Feb 15), from the Saskatchewan/ Alberta border to Swift Current,
      we saw: 1 Black-billed Magpie, 3 Mule Deer (1 herd), & 54 Pronghorn (1
      herd). NO Snowy Owls the entire trip - not in Saskatchewan nor in

      - Mary Ann, Larry, & Ryan, Swift Current
      50° 17' 00" N - 107° 48' 00" W
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