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18347My First Post :)

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  • mkekiss33
    Mar 1, 2010
      Just saying a quick hi and also a thank you to Dan for his post on the Snowy Owls.

      I took the drive on Saturday and encountered 5 Snowy Owls along the same stretch he had mentioned. These were my first Sask Snowy Owls :)I absolutely love owls but have no luck finding them in the wild... my first encounter with one was last summer in Labrabor.

      A little about me... I'm an avid outdoors person who loves wildlife photography. My camera gear rarely leaves my side. Any chance I have to get out for some pictures I'm gone without a second thought.

      I'm not sure if we can link flickr accounts to here so if anyone is interested in viewing some of my pics from last year just look for Wolfsong2009 on Flickr.