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  • Val T
    Feb 1, 2010
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      On January 30th we took a drive south and east of Weyburn. We didn't see loads of species but were pleased with what we did see.

      Tribune - 1 Common Raven
      Oungre - 1 Common Raven, 1 Snowy Owl
      East of Weyburn - 1 Common Raven

      All along the highway heading south we saw lots of Horned Larks. These became more in abundance towards Bromhead - flocks and flocks of them. We probably saw 400 or so altogether.

      Sharp-tailed Grouse - 45+, most of them south-east of Goodwater.

      Ring-necked Pheasants - 30 - most in a farmyard south of Goodwater.

      Yesterday, Sunday, we saw an American Crow on the east side of Weyburn.

      Val and Doyle T - McTaggart
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