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17787AE Wilson Park

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  • b_quiring
    Oct 14, 2009
      Just came back from AE Wilson Park looking for Rocky's Gold-crowned Kinglet, but had to settle for a Ruby-crown. I saw another Marsh Wren, I had one in the park two weeks ago. A couple days ago I had a couple Green-winged Teals which is rare in the park. A group of Scaups have also appeared allong with a single Western Grebes and a few Pied-billed.

      Still lots of sparrows in the park. As Rocky reported the Tree Sparrows have arrived and the White-crown, White-throat and Song are still lingering. In a surprise today, I found three Harris Sparrows, I had seen any since before the cold snap. Usually I only see the Harris Sparrows for two of three days in the fall, but this year they have been in the park for almost three weeks.

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