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17606AE Wilson Park

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  • b_quiring
    Sep 10, 2009
      As many other have noted the birding has not been that good and I have not been reporting the usuals that I have been seeing lately. That being I saw a few interesting things in AE Wilson park this morning. I saw my first Lincoln Sparrow of the fall and the park is full of Clay-Couloured Sp. The Kingbirds have finally gone and only a few Barn swallows are hanging around. Waterfowl numbers a low and there seems to be few non-breeders moving through the party with the exception of the odd Canvasback. Nuthatchers have returned to the park about a couple weeks later than usual and there are a large number of Flickers (about 15) in the park which is the largest number I have ever seen of this species. As for Warlbers only a few Yellow-rumps and Yeollwthroats were found today. The cormorants in the park have taken to perching on the power lines that cross the creek and on nearby streetlights. I have never seen that before and it sure looks a bit odd.

      Brett Quiring
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