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17465Horned Larks

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  • Val
    Aug 4, 2009
      The Horned Larks in our area certainly seem to have done very well. When we drive up the country road at night they fly up in front of the car all along the road in every direction. Seeing Guy's posting reminds me on our way to Regina this afternoon were FOUR trains between Yellow Grass and Lang, two heading northwest and two heading southeast. There is a long stretch of double track but still thought it was going to take a bit of manouevering and lots of radio contact to get them past each other. A very good birder in Weyburn sees Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrows quite often in the spring around the Souris Valley grounds area in Weyburn. Glad you were able to find them when you set out to do so!!

      We saw a family of wee ducks following 'mom' at the cemetery grounds this morning.

      We also saw four Red-tailed Hawks on telephone poles coming back home from Regina and not much else. Our young Purple Martins are gradually coming out of the holes. One was on the ground and could fly up to the trees.

      Val T - McTaggart
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