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16612Friday Birding

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  • Kathy Hedegard
    Mar 27, 2009
      I went for a long walk down to the river this afternoon.

      Robins! I heard my first Am. Robins of the year as soon as I left my house. There was a flock of 25-30 singing and chirping near Riverbend. It was so good to hear and see.

      Also: Bald Eagle (1)
      Rough-legged Hawk (1)
      Blue Jays (2, in town)
      Black-capped Chickadees
      American Crows (heard in the distance)
      Horned Larks
      Dark-eyed Juncos (many, both in town and along the river)
      American Tree Sparrows (5-6, in my yard)
      Common Redpolls (14-15, in my yard)
      Canada Geese (many pairs flying, a few pairs in the rushes near the sewer lagoons, checking out nesting spots?)

      1 Franklin's Ground Squirrel spotted.

      Kathy in Estevan

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