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16552Mountain Bluebirds

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  • Val
    Mar 19, 2009
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      This afternoon we drove along Highway #99 starting at Craven and heading east to #6. Not too far out of Craven we saw our first three Mountain Bluebirds of the year. We ventured further and saw a Golden Eagle and three Common Ravens. Then as approaching a place where we noted Mountain Bluebirds last year (there is an old shed on the north side of the road) we counted 12 more Mountain Bluebirds; all this before reaching the Game Farm. We drove to within 1.5 km of the end of this stretch and on the south side along the hills were 10 more Mountain Bluebirds plus three Common Ravens. We sat for quite a while watching the bluebirds flying about and hovering. We were very happy to see 25 Mountain Bluebirds indeed.

      Going south along #6 there were five more Common Ravens picking on a deer carcass and another three before Regina.

      Val and Doyle T - McTaggart
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