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16487AE Wilson Park

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  • Brett Quiring
    Mar 4, 2009
      Like Nick I also got a Merlin today. I don't know if it was a migrant as we had found a Merlin just north of AE Wilson during the CBC. Other that the Merlin I saw most of normal birds, a Sharp-tailed Grouse, 3 Partridges, a couple RB Nuthatches, a few House Finches, 10 WW Crossbills, a couple Magpies, and a Junco. Plus the usual House Sparrows and Pigeons.

      Also I forgot to report two days ago I found a pair of Brown Creepers in AE Wilson. This is a new species for the AE Wilson Park list (now up to 191). This was a great sighting for me as it was only the second time I have seen a Brown Creeper and it was the first time with binos.

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