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16384RE: [Saskbirds] Horned Larks

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  • Terri Troupe-Logue
    Feb 7, 2009
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      Thanks for the update on the horned larks!! I am keeping my eyes peeled
      here in Dalmeny :-) There is a connector road between Langham and
      Dalmeny that I travel on a regular basis, and for the last 3 years, I
      have noticed that the horned larks are returning to that area earlier
      and earlier, if even by just a few days. Last year I noticed them there
      on Feb. 28th, hopefully it will be earlier this year!! I will post as
      soon as I see them! Thanks everyone for the interesting posts
      Terri Troupe-Logue

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      I am visiting my uncle in Lucky Lake and on the drive up I came across
      two small groups of Horned Larks on the highway between Davidson and
      Loreburn. I hope these guys are migrants returning, as I would like
      to be able to say he birds are coming back.

      Brett Quiring,
      Lucky Lake (for the weekend)

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