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  • Val
    Feb 6, 2009
      We don't have anything new to report in our yard but do notice the
      covey of Grey Partridge that hang around have dwindled from 14 to 11
      to 10. This past month we have seen a coyote, red fox and Great-
      horned Owl in the yard. The snow is quite deep on the west side of
      the house and not shovelled. As a result, I have a high snow pathway
      there to the backyard. It brings thoughts of reading one story about
      horse-pulled sleighs going to and from McTaggart over the winter,
      following the same pathways. In spring after the snow melted you
      could still see two long ribbons of ice across the field, remnants of
      the packed snow from the sleigh runners! We'll have a ribbon leading
      to the bird feeders :-). We are still feeding 30+ Common Redpolls and
      enjoying them as they will probably leave within a month. I think
      we've had the same pair of Downy Woodpeckers all summer and now this
      winter so hope they are nesting here. We did have two females and one
      male this fall.

      We went to White Bear Lake (aka Carlyle) this afternoon. While still
      west of Stoughton, we took a guess as to when we would see a Common
      Raven which usually show up around Kisbey. I guessed 5 km west of
      Kisbey, Doyle 15 km west. We no sooner said that when two flew onto
      the highway in front of the vehicle. We did see four more along the

      Val T - McTaggart
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