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1602House Finch versus House Sparrows

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  • Bob
    Aug 2 4:24 PM
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      I have observed a number of interactions of adult male House Sparrows and
      adult male House Finches lately. There is no question that male House
      Sparrows are more dominant. The House Finches do not get discouraged though
      and leave. They just wait nearby until the House Sparrows are finished.

      House Sparrows also seem to prefer to pick up seeds from my deck rather than
      patiently picking them from the small openings in the tube feeder.

      During a brief trip south of Regina, I observed family groups of Western
      Kingbirds and saw several flocks of Western Meadowlarks. Also, I saw my
      first broods of Northern Shovelers. A Red-tailed Hawk was perched upon a
      hydro pole.

      I notice that farmers nearby have diversified their crops. I saw several
      sunflower and canary seed fields in addition to the standard durum, flax,
      barley, wheat and canola.

      Good Birding !
      Bob Luterbach