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  • Val
    Nov 6, 2008
      The main interest in our yard seems to be one Hairy Woodpecker and two
      Downy Woodpeckers that frequent the feeders. They like the home-made
      peanut butter spread on the tree trunk better than the boughten suet.
      Three Black-billed Magpies are joining the sparrows for table feed. We
      hear the Great-horned Owl now and then. Probably like many others on
      here, I'm making sure there is fresh water daily in a container now
      that it freezes so hard at night. This is because there isn't any snow
      available. Larger bodies of water of course haven't frozen over yet but
      we haven't a close access at our farm since our only dugout with water
      in it has a crust of ice now.

      Happy that so many of you saw the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.

      Val T - McTaggart
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