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  • Greg
    Sep 1, 2008
      hello all, looked at the calendar today and could not believe that
      it is September already, it appears that I have in effect missed the
      past 2 months.

      Anywho, I completed my usual BBS (BreedingBird Survey)route
      (Willowbrook) at the end of June...one of these days I will try to
      get it done in early June. The weather was better than perfect with
      a few clouds, +11, and with a wind speed of less than calm.

      Started my count at 4:01 in the A of M, and had two steaming travel
      mugs of Tims. I logged 52 species in 5 hours of birding and added 7
      species for me to the route. I was thrilled to find a single
      Pileated Woodpecker, and early in the morning this brd decided I was
      not a threat and allowed some great looks. A Black-billed Cuckcoo
      floated across the road landed in a tree, and as Bob would say, gave
      me some crippling looks at it before it flew back across the road. I
      think this is the first time I have seen this species in about 15
      years. Also new wre Mountain Bluebirds (1 pair), and two Eastern
      Wood Peewee in two seperate locations.
      American Bittern Numbers were way way down with only 9 birds found
      out of 50 stops. Sora numbers were average with 37 individuals, and
      2 Virginia Rail were average as well. I did not pick up Yellow Rail
      as I had in the past 2 years. Wilson's Snipe were slightly down this
      year with only 26 individuals found. Also way off were Black Tern
      with 28 individuals found.

      Overall it was a great time and as always look forward to doing it
      all over again in 2009.

      PS there are still routes available for next year so give it some

      Greg Kratzig
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