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15269Re: Black chinned Hummingbird on Catley hill today !

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  • Rocky Marchigiano
    Jul 2, 2008
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      Thanks for that Val,appreciated.I have already posted most of the
      photos from my trip on my Flickr page if you want to have a looksee.


      > Hey Rocky - We all enjoy your postings and photos so much. No sweat on
      > something we all do (ie 24 Common Loons I reported aka DC Cormorants
      > lol). And understandably yours was a hard one to call. You know what,
      > your double-checking is what will be so much appreciated :-). I just
      > got in from two hours on the lawn mower which is my small contribution
      > towards what Doyle does. It's wonderful to contemplate and enjoy while
      > riding around. My first enjoyment though was going into the quonset
      > and seeing four young Barn Swallow heads sticking out of a nest. Other
      > birds aren't too happy to see the mower coming, for example the
      > Killdeer who are still doing their broken-wing act to protect their
      > young. I wonder how long it takes for those little ones to start
      > flying as it seems they've been running around here for weeks. We have
      > the body of a small weasel on the lawn - no head left on it. The young
      > birds we note being fed are Barn Swallows, Cowbirds, Rock Pigeons,
      > American Robins, Brown Thrashers, Mourning Doves, Common Grackles, Red-
      > winged Blackbirds, Brewer's Blackbirds and House Sparrows. I think
      > Tree Swallows will soon be poking out their heads. Probably the young
      > Purple Martins are hatching as the adults sure are alarmed when
      > cutting under the houses. We haven't seen young ones in other yard
      > species yet. Beautiful day out and it makes one so thankful to be
      > around to enjoy everything.
      > Val T - McTaggart
      > --- In Saskbirds@yahoogroups.com, "Rocky Marchigiano" <rebel-xs@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > After assessing the photos I came to the conclusion that this is most
      > > likely a Ruby Throated Hummingbird.I'm blaming my Birding guide for a
      > > very relevant omittance rather than my own incompetence on this
      > > occassion.:)
      > > Sorry for the hype and disappointment,hope no one booked their trip
      > to
      > > Catley yet.I will report back tomorrow with some of the other
      > > misadventures on the day.
      > >
      > >
      > > Rocky,
      > > Regina
      > >
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