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15268Re: Black chinned Hummingbird on Catley hill today !

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  • Val
    Jul 2 8:52 AM
      Hey Rocky - We all enjoy your postings and photos so much. No sweat on
      something we all do (ie 24 Common Loons I reported aka DC Cormorants
      lol). And understandably yours was a hard one to call. You know what,
      your double-checking is what will be so much appreciated :-). I just
      got in from two hours on the lawn mower which is my small contribution
      towards what Doyle does. It's wonderful to contemplate and enjoy while
      riding around. My first enjoyment though was going into the quonset
      and seeing four young Barn Swallow heads sticking out of a nest. Other
      birds aren't too happy to see the mower coming, for example the
      Killdeer who are still doing their broken-wing act to protect their
      young. I wonder how long it takes for those little ones to start
      flying as it seems they've been running around here for weeks. We have
      the body of a small weasel on the lawn - no head left on it. The young
      birds we note being fed are Barn Swallows, Cowbirds, Rock Pigeons,
      American Robins, Brown Thrashers, Mourning Doves, Common Grackles, Red-
      winged Blackbirds, Brewer's Blackbirds and House Sparrows. I think
      Tree Swallows will soon be poking out their heads. Probably the young
      Purple Martins are hatching as the adults sure are alarmed when
      cutting under the houses. We haven't seen young ones in other yard
      species yet. Beautiful day out and it makes one so thankful to be
      around to enjoy everything.

      Val T - McTaggart

      --- In Saskbirds@yahoogroups.com, "Rocky Marchigiano" <rebel-xs@...>
      > After assessing the photos I came to the conclusion that this is most
      > likely a Ruby Throated Hummingbird.I'm blaming my Birding guide for a
      > very relevant omittance rather than my own incompetence on this
      > occassion.:)
      > Sorry for the hype and disappointment,hope no one booked their trip
      > Catley yet.I will report back tomorrow with some of the other
      > misadventures on the day.
      > Rocky,
      > Regina
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