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15264Re: [Saskbirds] Black chinned Hummingbird on Catley hill today !

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  • Harv & Barb Lane
    Jul 1, 2008
      Hi Rocky,

      When you looked at the Black-chinned Hummingbird, did you see the violet
      throat patch? The Ruby-crowned and Black-chinned are virtually identical in
      size and shape. They can only be distinguished when their gorget is
      illuminated by light. When they gorget is not lit up, they both have a
      black throat.

      If you saw the violet (purple) on the throat, I'd like more details for the
      location. I'm coming to Saskatchewan in a couple of weeks and that would
      bring my Saskatchewan list up to about 333 ... I'd really like that!

      Harv Lane

      On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 2:34 PM, Rocky Marchigiano <rebel-xs@...>

      > I just returned from a very remarkable day of birding on the hill today.
      > The first time I stepped out on to Catley Hill I thought it was a
      > pretty magical place.Today I found out just how special it can be.
      > I spotted a male BC Hummingbird perched at the top of dead tree along
      > the roadside.To be perfectly honest I wasn't quite sure what I was
      > seeing.I didn't think it was a Ruby Throated but wasn't exactly
      > sure.Looking at the small LCD screen on my camera can be difficult in
      > bright light.But when I got home and loaded it onto my computer I was
      > pretty overwhelmed to say the least.:)
      > I need to catch a few winks after little sleep and an early morning of
      > birding.I hope to have some pics posted later today.
      > Happy Canada Day folks,
      > Rocky,
      > Regina

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