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14059Mountain Bluebirds

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  • Val
    Mar 25, 2008
      This afternoon Doyle and I drove to Lumsden and then from Craven east
      on the #99 along the Qu'Appelle Valley. We saw one Common Raven and
      one soaring Rough-legged Hawk as we drove through Craven. Just east of
      Craven we saw two mink on the river snowbanks and just a bit further
      along two Canada Geese, four Common Goldeneye and three Ring-necked
      Ducks on an open bit of water. At the Game Farm we sat for half an
      hour and watched 11 Mountain Bluebirds foraging right in the pens all
      around the deer, flying up to the fence and back down.

      Val and Doyle T - McTaggart
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